Post your LTD's

I'll post mine up in a bit

the duct tape is forgiveable.... the strings however :p

i feel that the opposite is true


I just did that kinda "Eric Johnson Mod" where I switched the first tone pot from the neck to the bridge pickup. It's re-invigorated and more versatile! Less highs overall of course because the bridge now has a capacitor but the neck pickup is super sweet sounding! It's been my favorite since I got it in 2005 and now it has a Wilkinson VS 50 and a tone mod... thanks ESP for making such awesome instruments!

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I'm sorry you feel that way.


Actually both are abominable acts


Makes sense.


You are correct sir. I dive bomb a lot... going to such lengths as holding guitar upside down by the whammy. The high E gets caught under the pickup cover and annoys the HELL out of me!

I've noticed some people don't agree with my "tricks of the trade" but my bands live shows are pretty intense to the point we walk away bruised and bleeding. I'm NOT putting it on there cause it "lOOkz teh uLTiMAte in bROOTalz" like some people, it's there because it was a last ditch effort that worked.

Honestly I wish I could have a guitar with functional strap locks and no duct tape but I guess that's when I mellow out and stop jumping off speakers, crowd surfing, and whipping my guitar around like it's a pair of nunchucks.

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black electrical tape wou;dn't look ask bad


maple M-1000 ftw!


maple M-1000 ftw!

Definitely! Are there many others like it around here? The maple really helps the guitar twang like a strat with the EMG 89 in split mode, very bright.

Dark Alone

That Horizon is just cool. lol


the wear on the 2nd pic is sick, looks like it's a midnight blue colour in that pic and looks AWESOME


That's some dark-ass rosewood, damn, looks awesome.


lol i think esps/ltds play good because the come with ghs strings. and ghs rock


lol i think esps/ltds play good because the come with ghs strings. and ghs rock They actually come with SIT Nickle strings.


I Loved My old F, I would get a 400 but the inlay is so fucking gay.


its 3/4 size playable guitar,that my nine year old daughter is learning on


Damn thats sweet.

High Skool Artist

i have an esp ltd viper 50 in black cherry, but no pics

Det Brinnande Röda

then GTFO noob


well i like the inlays (same as my AX) why peoples doesn't like it????

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i dont know i really like those inlays

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