Post your LTD's

I'll post mine up in a bit

Im not really a huge fan of the tribal inlays...but I can live with that, I mean I ordered an AX400 and it has tribal inlays...anyway

Cant wait to post the pic of it :p


I love the inlays in that guitar. The ones in the F400 bass series is kinda off imo. I really think they look a little big, but ive never seen the guitar in person, who knows, it could look better in person.


u know what? i really think that VERY few people own a f-404/405. i mean... even in the big guitar shop (steve's music) in montreal do not have it... i think they sell so few that u have to order them.

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Nice Guitars.... hey jm1681, i want to hear the SC in action.... and de change in the sound between the bridge pickup and the mid one.... could you record something and upload to the forum????

The mid pickup don't be unconfortable for your picking? and what about the pickup selector????




That green Eclipse actually looks good. Thats a great pick up you got there man.

Damn, that is hot.



Dude, I'm digging that 205. Dont you wish they made the Fseries in more colors nowadays? I like mine...but I would want more than black and red.

Dude what do you think of the White F-104. i need a beater bass for when i go off to college.


nice gits man \m/ viper baris ftw


man post some bigger pics!


will do when im back home, im at uni at the mo n that guitar is back home
But its only an LTD


a shit thats nice MH-1000 Deluxe


Sweet Vintage Black EC-1000. How do the Mustaine Pickups compare to the EMG's? Was it it plug and play with the the switch of the pickups?


The Orange doesnt look too bad at all.


nice! that flame looks good


Thanks fot the nice comments! I think that ESP/LTD with a Mesa is a match made in heaven(or hell maybe?). Not only it's really good for metal but the Roadster is a really versatile map and you can play anything with it. Quite expensive thought, but worth it!


:) thx - I don't see much talk about these guitars around here, but they're awesome.


:) thx - I don't see much talk about these guitars around here, but they're awesome.

I think this is the second guitar ive seen on this board. but its cool none the less.


very cool. 24 Jumbo frets, ebony board, 3 piece maple neck - neck thru design, alder body.

I never thought I would like a single coil in the neck, but it definitely has the mojo.


It's actually a humbucker in single coil size ;)

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