What is the difference between ESP and LTD models? For example, the ESP Snakebyte seems so similar to the LTD Snakebyte, but the price is significantly different!

ESP guitars are built in our main factory and custom-shop located in Japan. These are completely built and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen using the best parts & wood selection. LTD guitars are produced in our factories outside of Japan (currently Korea, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam), and are manufactured in larger quantities using an assembly-line production method. This results in lower priced instruments. For more detailed information, here is a helpful article that explains the differences between our brands.TOP

Are standard LTD or ESP models available with custom options?

No. We only manufacture LTD and ESP models to the specifications indicated in the catalog and on the website.TOP

Can I purchase a guitar from ESP?

We encourage you to purchase our instruments at Authorized ESP Dealers worldwide. Purchases from ESP are currently available online via our Shop ESP web store using the "BUY IT NOW" button displayed on certain product pages, and is only available for orders within the U.S. at this time. For a complete list of current authorized ESP dealers and international distributors, go to our dealer locator.TOP

What is Player Grade?

Player Grade are brand new instruments that have gone through ESP’s stringent quality control process to ensure excellent playability, but exhibit minor exterior cosmetic imperfection. They're an excellent value for players primarily concerned with playability, and who don't mind a minor blem. They're covered by the same warranty as our other instruments (with exception of the aforementioned cosmetic imperfection). We're very excited to now be able to get these guitars into the hands of avid players at a solid savings.TOP

What kind of cosmetic imperfections can I expect to see on a Player Grade guitar or bass?

Samples of minor imperfections might include small scratches or discoloration in the finish, binding or nut material (non-structural), neck side-dot marker slightly off position, etc. All are minimal in size and are often hard to see unless under close inspection.TOP

Are any ESP or LTD models available in left-handed versions?

Yes, but not all models are available left-handed. For availability and pricing, please contact any authorized ESP dealer or your distributor if you live outside of the US.TOP

I didn't get an owner's manual with my guitar / bass. How can I get one?

You may download and print the owner's manual from our website.TOP

Does ESP offer any guitars made in the U.S.?

Yes! Our new ESP USA production line debuted at the 2014 Winter NAMM show. Learn more about ESP USA hereTOP

How can I find out the status of my order that was placed through an authorized ESP Dealer?

Only your authorized ESP dealer can provide you with the status of your order. Please contact your authorized dealer, as ESP is unable to assist you with this type of request.TOP

How can I find the nearest ESP dealer?

If you live in the US, please check our Dealer Locator to find the authorized retailer nearest you. If you live outside of the US, please consult our list of International Distributors and contact the distributor for your area for more information.TOP

Are the models shown on the ESP Japan website available for sale in the USA?

No, only the models shown on this website are available for sale in the USA. Models available in other countries are only available for those markets.TOP

Does my instrument come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

The Certificate of Authenticity document is reserved for instruments produced in specific limited quantities, for ESP & E-II Artist Signature models, USA models, and for custom ordered instruments. LTD Artist Signature models do not come with a COA.TOP

I would like to try a specific ESP/LTD model before I decide whether I want to buy it. What store in my area has one that I can go look at?

ESP cannot monitor our dealers’ stock inventories. Please contact stores in your area for more information on availability.TOP



Can I order a custom guitar made to my own specifications?

Yes. We have been building custom-ordered guitars since we started and are highly regarded in the guitar industry as "The" Custom Guitar Company. As long as the guitar you want us to build meets our expectations for functionality and does not infringe on any copyright matters, including but not limited to, any other guitar manufacturing company's proprietary designs, we can custom build it for you. For a price quote on a custom order, fill out the custom order form on our website and submit to your nearest authorized dealer.TOP

Can I still order the old EXP body shape when ordering a custom ESP?

The body style of the old EXP was retired and a new body style was introduced in 2000. It is now known as the EX model. You may ONLY order the new EX body style - we cannot produce the old EXP shape.TOP

What is the standard delivery time on a custom order?

Custom orders take a minimum of 8-10 months to be completed.TOP

Can I order a previously made graphic/limited production model or custom order one?

No. All previously produced graphic series models or limited production models are no longer available. This includes the KH-2 Ouija model and the use of the Ouija graphic.TOP



I get a buzzing/humming sound but it goes away when I touch the volume. Is this normal?

Yes. When you touch the strings or bridge on an electric guitar, your body acts as the ground and the circuit will be quieter.TOP

Is it possible to fit EMG pickups into my guitar that came with regular ESP/LTD pickups or Seymour Duncan pickups?

Yes, except for 7-string models, all pickup routs are the same. This job has to be done by a professional repairperson to ensure the new parts are installed correctly. Please note: You cannot send your guitar back to ESP to do this type of work.TOP

How often do I need to replace the 9-volt battery in my guitar with EMG active pickups or circuits?

Your battery life will depend on the amount you play your instrument. We recommend checking and replacing your battery every few months, although you may need to change it more frequently. Please visit EMG's website for more info.

NOTE: You will know your battery needs to be replaced when your signal becomes weak or distorted. To prolong your battery life, do not leave your cable plugged into your instrument when not in use - this will drain the battery.




Can I send my guitar to ESP for maintenance, repair, or upgrades?

ESP's shop does not perform any aftermarket work with the exception of warranty related repairs.TOP

Where can I get my ESP guitar repaired?

We recommend that you either have ESP repair your instrument, or and authorized ESP retailer or service center. For assistance please contact ESP or the original store where the instrument was purchased. You may also contact our customer service for additional service centers that may be located near you.TOP

How are baritone models tuned? What is the difference between baritones and regular guitars?

ESP introduced baritones as a 6-string alternative to a 7-string. They feature a 27" scale length as opposed to the 25.5" scale (which is fairly standard for most guitars.) The increased scale length (distance measured from the bridge to the nut) allows the guitar to be tuned lower than standard, while still retaining proper string tension. ESP Baritone models come from the factory with .056/.046/.036/.026W/.017/.013 gauge strings and are tuned B/E/A/D/F#/B.TOP

What gauge and type of strings are on my guitar or bass?

ESP and E-II models are all equipped with Elixir Strings. All of our LTD models now come strung with D'Addario strings from our factory, and our ESP USA line is equipped with the D'Addario NYXL series of strings. Here is a chart showing the gauges:TOP

Factory String Gauges & Tunings
  String Gauge (Low to High) Tuning (Low to High)
6-str Non-Trem 46/36/26/17/13/10 E/A/D/G/B/E
6-str w/Trem 42/32/24/16/11/9 E/A/D/G/B/E
6-str w/EverTune 42/32/24/16/11/9 E/A/D/G/B/E
6-str Baritone 56/46/36/26W/17/13 B/E/A/D/F#/B
7-str Non-Trem 59/46/36/26W/17/13/10 B/E/A/D/G/B/E
7-str w/Trem 59/46/36/26W/17/13/10 B/E/A/D/G/B/E
7-str w/EverTune 59/46/36/26W/17/13/10 B/E/A/D/G/B/E
7-str Baritone 59/46/36/26W/17/13/10 B/E/A/D/G/B/E
8-str Non-Trem 68/56/46/36/26/17/13/10 F#/B/E/A/D/G/B/E
8-str Baritone 68/56/46/36/26/17/13/10 F#/B/E/A/D/G/B/E
12-str Electric 42/22, 32/16, 24/10, 16/08, 11/11, 09/09 E/A/D/G/B/E w/doubled octave strings
6-str TL Series 52/42/32/22/15/11 E/A/D/G/B/E
6-str Acoustic 52/42/32/24/16/12 E/A/D/G/B/E
12-str TL Series 47/27, 39/18, 30/12, 23/08, 14/14, 10/10 E/A/D/G/B/E w/doubled octave strings
6-str TL Nylon 45/36/31/45/34/29 E/A/D/G/B/E
4-str Acoustic Bass 100/80/65/45 E/A/D/G
4-str Bass 105/85/65/45 E/A/D/G
4-str Bass (Detuned) 130/110/90/70 B/E/A/D
5-str Bass 125/105/85/65/45 B/E/A/D/G
6-str Bass 125/105/85/65/45/30 B/E/A/D/G/C
8-str Bass 90/40, 70/35, 55/25, 40/20 E/A/D/G w/doubled octave strings

How do I adjust the bridge?

You must first determine what type of bridge is on your guitar. If you have a Floyd Rose system, there are 2 studs which hold the bridge system in place. You may adjust either the high or low side up or down with a 3mm wrench to achieve the desired action height. If you have a tune-o-matic style bridge, then you may adjust your action with a flat-head screwdriver on either the treble or bass side. (Some older models may only be adjustable by 2 thumbwheels located underneath both the treble and bass sides of the bridge). For any other bridges, use the appropriate size wrench for individual saddle height adjustment.

Please Note: If you have a Tonepros Locking TOM system on your guitar, you must first loosen the 2 lock-down screws with a 1.5mm allen wrench before attempting to adjust action height. www.tonepros.comTOP

How often should I change strings?

Although changing strings varies with each user, ESP recommends that you change your strings at least every 20 hours of playing time. Keep in mind that if you wipe your strings clean after each use, it will help prolong the life of the strings.TOP

How do I know if my neck needs adjustment?

Generally, if a neck is out of adjustment, string buzz will be more noticeable in either the center of the neck or near the first few frets & open chording area. There are many factors that can be the source of string buzz, and your neck does not always need to be adjusted. Please consult any qualified repair technician if you are not sure or you do not know how to properly adjust a truss rod. You should not attempt to adjust the truss rod, unless you are qualified to do so. TOP

Are ESP necks ever reinforced?

All of our ESP & E-II necks, with exception to one piece maple necks, have two pieces of graphite that run parallel to the truss rod, providing extra stability and reinforcement.TOP

How do I maintain my guitar?

Most information on maintaining your instrument can be found in the owner's manual.TOP

I broke my neck. Can you fix it or sell me a new neck? Where do I get it fixed?

At this time ESP does not sell replacement necks, and replacements are only available under a warranty basis. If your neck broke due to a non-warranty issue, you should find a professional repairperson and see if the neck can be repaired or replaced. TOP

What is set neck construction?

Set-neck construction joins the neck and body with glue at a tightly fitted joint. Tonally this construction is considered to be warmer, as you will obtain the tone in a combination from the separate neck and body woods. However this will also depend on the wood chosen to construct each piece. This type of joint has a traditional feel around the neck heel.TOP

What is bolt-on construction?

Bolt-on construction was originally developed as a way to be able to produce guitars more efficiently and make them more affordable. The neck and body are bolted together using 4 or more screws and either a neck plate or screw inserts that hold the neck to the body. Tonally, a bolt-on guitar will have less sustain compared to both neck-thru and set-neck guitars, but it has its other advantages. Since the neck comes off the body, it can be removed, adjusted, repaired and replaced with more ease than a set-neck or neck-thru guitar.TOP

What is neck-thru-body construction?

Neck-thru-body construction utilizes the same piece of wood for the neck and the center column of the body. The guitar's body is made up of this center column (often referred to as the tone column) and the body "wings", which are additional pieces of wood glued to the center column to make the body shape. Since the neck and body are all connected through this one piece of wood, the tone transfer from neck to body is much better than a guitar with a bolt-on or glued-on neck. Neck-thru guitars have a lot of sustain because of the tonal properties of the wood used for the center column, which is usually maple. Therefore, most neck-thru guitars tend to have a very bright sound with lots of sustain.TOP

What is set-thru construction?

Set-thru neck construction is an innovative technique in which the neck is glued to the body (like a set-neck), however the traditional bulky heel is carved away (similar to neck-thru-body construction). This makes access to the upper frets and the neck-to-body transition much smoother. Just as on a set-neck, you will get a combination of tone from both the neck and body with the set-thru construction. The sound will depend on the types of wood used, but generally will have a fuller, warmer tone when compared to most neck-thru-body guitars.TOP

My guitar came with a Prop65 warning, how does this affect me?

We understand your concerns, and in case you are not aware, we would like to inform you that the laws of the State of California (known as Proposition 65 or Prop 65), require the manufacturers and sellers of most products made or sold in California to affix warning labels to products containing even small amounts of certain chemicals found in paints, plastics and plated materials, regardless of a consumer’s actual risk of exposure to those chemicals under normal use. Prop 65 does not generally require businesses to scientifically test their products to determine the amount of such chemicals, or to ascertain the likelihood of contracting an illness if someone is exposed to such chemicals. Under what we understand to be normal uses of a guitar (i.e., playing it, storing it in a case or displaying it on a stand), we believe that exposure to these chemicals by inhalation or contact is not likely. Less typical uses, such as the grinding and inhalation of any guitar components, or swallowing and ingesting of any guitar components are not recommended! Finally, we believe it is likely that most other guitars are made using the same or similar materials.TOP



How can I find out the value of an old ESP guitar no longer produced?

ESP can only suggest retail prices for new instruments currently in production. The current value of an older instrument is something that can vary due to popularity, supply, and demand. We cannot estimate this type of value for an older instrument. If you can't identify your instrument, please send an e-mail to customerservice@espguitars.com. We will do our best to assist you with identification of your instrument(s). Please provide ESP with digital pictures to help in identifying your guitar. Please note that this applies only for models sold in the USA. We cannot give production numbers or figures showing how many of a particular model were made. Please allow 48 hours minimum for a reply.TOP

I acquired an older ESP model. How can I find out what year my guitar was built?

You are welcome to e-mail customerservice@espguitars.com with pictures, description of your guitar and a serial number, but unfortunately we cannot date every guitar and only have limited records of older models.TOP

How can I find out if you make a certain guitar anymore?

Only the guitars in our current catalog and website are still in production. Some older models can be custom ordered through the ESP Custom Shop. First you must fill out a custom order form and bring it to an authorized ESP dealer.TOP

How can I date my ESP or LTD?

ESP maintains limited production records. If you would like to send us the following information, we will do our best to help you with your request. Send an e-mail to  customerservice@espguitars.com that includes your name the serial number, a short description, pictures and the location where it was originally purchased if known. For photos please make sure to include close-up shots of the headstock front & back, back of neck plate and top of body to help with the dating process. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to date your instrument, but we will try to help! We are unable to provide documentation declaring the authenticity of an ESP instrument. (Please note: If you do not send pictures, chances are we will not be able to assist you with your request.)TOP



How can I submit my thoughts or comments about ESP products?

ESP is very interested in your opinions regarding our products. Comments can be e-mailed to customerservice@espguitars.com. Please understand that due to the high volume of email, we cannot offer a personal response to every e-mail we receive.

Written comments may be sent to: 
ESP Sales and Service, 5433 West San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90039.TOP



Does ESP sell replacement parts? Where can I find parts/accessories for my ESP guitar?

ESP does not sell replacement parts at this time. All current ESP instruments use industry standard metric guitar parts, and comparable after market parts can be purchased from most any parts suppliers or retailers. Here are a few places to buy parts:

1. www.stewmac.com
2. www.wdmusic.com
3. www.allparts.com

I have an older ESP guitar with a licensed Floyd Rose Original Bridge. Where can I get parts for this bridge?

Some of the older ESP guitars (pre - 1993) came with a special Floyd Rose licensed bridge. This bridge would have "ESP" and "Licensed" stamped on the bridge with a series of patent numbers. ESP can no longer provide parts for this bridge as production was discontinued in the early 1990's.TOP

Does ESP reproduce pickguards?

ESP does not reproduce or sell pickguards at this time.TOP

Can I buy a neck or body separately?

ESP does not sell necks or bodies separately.TOP

What is the warranty coverage on parts and electronics?

The ESP Limited Lifetime Warranty will cover defective parts within the first year from purchase date. The guitar must be purchased as NEW from an Authorized ESP Dealer and Warranty only applies to Original Owner. To receive Warranty Replacement parts, you must provide Proof of Purchase. Please contact your authorized ESP dealer to assist you with any warranty parts requests. TOP



How can I order a hardshell guitar case for my ESP guitar?

We encourage you to purchase our hardshell cases at Authorized ESP Dealers worldwide. Purchases from ESP are currently available online via our Shop ESP web store using the "BUY IT NOW" button displayed on certain product pages, and is only available for orders within the U.S. at this time. For a complete list of current authorized ESP dealers and international distributors, go to our dealer locator.TOP

Do all ESP cases have your logo on them?

Yes. If it doesn't say ESP, LTD, or Xtone on the case, it isn't a genuine ESP case. ESP cases are designed specifically to fit our own instruments, and therefore we do not recommend that you use generic cases, as they might not provide adequate support for your ESP instrument.TOP

My ESP does not fit in the case that was recommended for this model, did I order the wrong one?

No. Our cases are produced specifically for each model and body shape to provide the best fit and protection possible for a standard hard shell case. During the first few uses you may have to work the guitar into the case until it stretches to a comfortable fit.TOP



Where can I get ESP shirts and accessories?

ESP shirts, hats, jackets, bags, and other accessories are available on our website. US residents can order our current merchandise items here. Outside the USA, you can order clothing and accessories from our merchandise affiliate here.TOP



How can I become an authorized ESP retailer?

For information regarding possible dealerships, please send your inquiries here. Please note that you must have an existing retail location; ESP does not authorize exclusively online dealerships. Please do not submit any information or inquiries pertaining to artist endorsements to this mailbox.TOP

How can I become an ESP employee?

For information about working for ESP, please send an email here.TOP

How can I become an authorized ESP warranty repair center?

If you currently own a repair shop or retail location we will be glad to add you to our growing roster of nationwide service centers! Please contact our customer service staff for more information regarding the current programs offered.TOP

How can I become an ESP endorsee?

For consideration we ask that you send in a press kit that contains:

• A list of 100 + shows for the year 
• A copy of your recent music
• Management information 
• Record company information
• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube stats
• Published reviews or interviews
• Relevant music/video content that features your ESP instrument(s)

Please send press kits to:

ESP Guitars
ATTN: Artist Relations
5433 West San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90039 TOP