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Custom Shop PRICING???

Custom Shop PRICING???

I'm sure this topic has been touched on. But has anyone on here ordered a Custom Shop guitar, nothing too crazy. And how much it was after MSRP?...MORE »

whats the quality difference between esp and ltd?

whats the difference between the two exactly? i no that ltd is made with cheeper quality products but thats all iv used so is ESP supposed to be better? iv heard they arent as good as ltd's....MORE »

those of you at college in a dorm

you think i could fit my ENGL and avatar 2x12 in there without it being too cramped??? im fearing i may have to downsize...MORE »

Old KH202 vs New KH202

I have a question about this "two models":Its the same guitar;the same quality?Because the old KH202 was made in Korea and the new one in China,emg hz h4 vs emg esp p.u,black hardware vs nickel....And in esp catalogs you can...MORE »

Re: Old KH202 vs New KH202

I have a KH-202 from korea. has the HZ H4' hardware...replaced the LFR with OFR and I sanded the neck mine is just pure WIN...MORE »

why no certiphicate of authenticity on my KH2?

hello why my ESP KH-2 neck thru CS came without the C.O.A? it is a 2005 model...MORE »

Which signature guitar is the best? In your opinion

I like the dave mustaine dv8-r and the max cavalera mc-600...MORE »

pre-lawsuit v-200 info

hey guys looking at pre-lawsuit v-200. does anyone have insight into these any soundclips demos? anything would be helpful...MORE »
Re: pre-lawsuit v-200 info

Re: pre-lawsuit v-200 info

I have one with the 81/60 combo and carbon fiber nut. I catch alot of flak about it not being a real JH-1 but I love it, its a blast to play....MORE »

anyone else want an 8 string Viper?

Am I alone in wanting one? I mean there are alot of 8 strings that are superstrats but othing that is even slightly "Extreme" and I was thinking a Viper would be perfect. also some thing like a "Viper-418" for people on a...MORE »
New Neck Pickup For EC-1K Ideas

New Neck Pickup For EC-1K Ideas

Right, im gonna get a new pickup for my EC-1000 that has my BKP Painkiller in it. Im looking at several ideas for it rignt now, on whitch id like opinions on what i could put in it. It currently has a Seymour Duncan 59 in the...MORE »

Your gear

I thought this could be pretty interesting. Make a list of your gear including pedals etc. Guitars: LTD EX-400 LTD MC-600 Amps: Marshall ModeFour Randall SG100SC Pedals: Line6 Über Metal (for the...MORE »

Edwards thread

As most threads are dedicated to ESP STD, LTD or Custom, I though I'd make a dedicated Edwards thread. Post pics and specs about your favorite Edwards, and like how long you've had them, etc. Of course, if you're simply...MORE »

EC401 vs EC1000 ?

Hi eveyone I've spotted a nice looking EC401 I can get at a good price but I've always wanted a EC1000 can anyone give me any ideaS on the differences between the 2 models, should I wait for the EC1000 ?...MORE »

Regarding the ESP Maverick

I've been trying to find out some info on the Maverick. I'm going to be purchasing one from a mutual friend of a friend very soon, but I do have a couple of questions Does anyone know the original production run of this...MORE »

KH-1 Possibly for Sale

Hey everyone, I have a KH-1 possibly for sale...Not really looking to part with it, but with another baby on the way...well enough said. If anyone is interested or wants to see more pics message me....MORE »

Hard Case for KHJR ??

Anyone know of a hard case that will fit the KHJR ?...MORE »

Show me your modified ESP/LTD guitars/basses.

I don't mean just pickups. I'm talking hardware or even finish. Would you even modify an ESP or just a LTD?...MORE »

EC-1000 or EC-256?

Bit of a conundrum here, I've been tossing up the two for a little bit. I feel the 1000 would be a better guitar overall, but I'm questioning if it's worth the money for what I want to do. I'm looking for a semi-versatile...MORE »

Distressed EC 256's by LTD

Hey everyone, first post. I recently discovered the LTD distressed series and seem to have contracted a bad case of gas over the EC 256 goldtop. I've never owned an LTD before but I've been playing over 20 years. I usually...MORE »