Post your LTD's

I'll post mine up in a bit
The Sloth

thats a nice looking truckster (i.e. the forearm wear part isn't rediculous).


thats a nice looking truckster (i.e. the forearm wear part isn't rediculous).

I had to look around for a while to find that one. Some just look terrible!


Love that SC monty!


hey stuugi can u post more pics of ur ec 500...that guitar looks SICK


Alright so its about time to retube my 6505+.
Any suggestions?

Also what are the tubes that glow blue?
Those are nifty.


6l6GC's right? I'd look into Sovtek or Tung Sol for power tubes and Electro Harmonix for Pre Amp tubes.

Whatever you decide... avoid Groove Tubes!


i got some harma 6l6GC's from watford valves not so long ago. they're pretty nice. now im looking for some nice preamp valves to make her scream.


They both look nice.


^you'd think at least SOME of that dust would blow away just while moving it to the bed for pics - that's pitiful, dude - clean yo axe!


The Flash makes it look alot worse than it actually is.

It's due a string change so I'll give it a proper clean then.


wow, thats one of the nicest tops I've seen on an EC1000


^Woah, that first guitar is h0t

Total Eclipse


The F-400FM: Its a great guitar. Its definatley the bast flame-top I own. It has a lot of treble bite. very thrash-worthy. Neck is a little sticky, but you get used to it. Stays in tune good. Im planning on replacing the neck 81 with an 89 pretty soon, just like my F-2005.

It's actually feels pretty heavy. All mahogany.

Its relly reliable so if you like it, buy it, you wont regret it.


total got any more pics of those forests you could post?

Dark Alone

Is that a boob I see?



anyway DA post your V (since it is an Ltd after all)


Hi I've seen a particular amp come up for sale the AXL Rapture 70, can anyone provide any info on these what they sound like especially for playing metal are they worth the money ?

Are they tube or solid state ?


Anyway, here's my LTDs, though 1 is no longer mine, and another is about to go as well. :(

What's going? If it's the V I'll take it.

Dark Alone

I went through too much to let the V go. The Explorer will fetch me the most money, therefor I sadly must let her go.

Casey K

come on boys, i cant find any good pix of these guitars.. i was hopin i could get some help... i would just like some pix please thakn you..

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