LTD M-400 Demo by Jack Fliegler

The LTD M-400 is a bolt-on shredding machine, complete with the classic M-style extra thin flat neck profile. Available in this great-looking Black Satin finish, as well as a mahogany-topped passive-pickup version with the M-400M, its mahogany body and fast three-piece maple neck are constructed at 25.5" scale, with a 24 extra-jumbo frets on its pau ferro fingerboard. Like the rest of the M Series, simplicity is the key to the M-400, with a single volume knob and a selector to choose between its world-standard active EMG 85/EMG 81 pickup set. Musician Jack Fliegler of Arizona-based technical metal band Singularity -- also popularly known on YouTube as ToxicxEternity -- tells you about the M-400's features and shows off its awesome tones.

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Mike  L.

What is the name of this song?  I would like to learn it.  I ordered this guitar and it's on the way!!!


hi, does it have pickup rings on current models or like in the video ?

Mark M.

I just bought one the new 2018 model has no pickup rings and pau ferro fretboard the one on esp website is the older verison with rings and rosewood


mark thank you