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ESP Eclipse, LTD Xtone, and ESP Horizon
Live music, astronomy, food, travel, nature, and more food
I seriously only watch sports on TV
The Big Lebowski, A Clockwork Orange, and Fargo
Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, Art Rock, Blues, Alternative, and Progressive
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Vox AC30, Strymon Timeline, Dunlop Cry Baby, Fulltone OCD, Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander, and Marshall JCM 800
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About me:

Guitarist since 1976. Recording and gigging musician. Educated at Berklee College of Music, Musician's Institute, and Cal State University. Solo artist and member of alternative band They Stole My Crayon. Live in Southern California near the ocean, and make music every single day.

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Jeff K. posted the article May 28: Gary Holt ESP Clinic at Steve's Music (Toronto)

Hey Toronto-area ESP friends. You know how Mondays are usually the worst day of the week? That will definitely not be the case on Monday May 28 when you find an excuse to sneak out of work, school, or the local insane asylum,......MORE »
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Jeff K. uploaded the video Ultraphonix: "Walk Run Crawl"

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Jeff K. posted the article Available Right Now: Rocco Prestia's LTD RB Series Basses

It’s sometime said that there are no bass heroes in the way there are for guitars. Of course, serious musicians know how incredibly wrong that is. Bass players are actually the backbone of the entire band, and a select......MORE »