ESP E-II Eclipse FM Demo by Antonio Cordaro

Courtesy of ESP's Italian distributor Backline, here's fantastic guitarist Antonio Cordaro showing you the features and the tonal variety of the ESP E-II Eclipse FM

Peter M.

Constructive criticism:

Wow...(IMHO) finally a guitarist who does not do Heavy Metal/Shredding crap and actually plays melodic solo's.  I just picked up one of your guitars, plugged it in and loved the rich sound of the active pick-ups and the feel and action of the neck.  All of my band mates love it too.  I have several guitars, Fenders & Gibsons which I might sell off now.  If I had seen your demo video's with all the crap Metal Distortion etc. I probably wouldn't have bought one of your guitars.

jakob j.


Jason K.

Would I love to own this guitar? You bet your ___ I would.

Dann Feltrin

I need one ECLIPSE!!!! Christmas is close, and you guys could give us a chance to win one!

Cesar P.

Que buen sonido

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