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harley benton, my own custom guitar, and Chinese gibson hummingbird
guitar, computer, video games, and american football
malcolm in the middle, the simpsons, american dad, supernatural, southpark, cleveland show, and ghost adventures
metallica through the never, godzilla, back to the future trilogy, and karatekid trilogy
trash metal, heavy metal, rock, hard rock, metallica, ( avenged sevenfold, acdc, diamond head, guns 'n' roses, and slayer
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
behringer super metal, harley benton hb 20 g, and Line 6 spider ii 150 watt
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
kirk hammett, james hetfield, slash, angus young, cliff burton, rob trujilo, synyster gates, me, kurt cobain, zakk wylde, and kerry king
About me:

Hi my name is Jakob ive played guitar for a year now and whenever i pick up a instrument i learn to play hard songs in a month i dont know people in my town call me magic boy cause i learn instruments so fast i play Guitar,Piano,Saxophone and Ukulele.

jakob j.

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jakob j.

hi im awesome


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