Late Honkola: "Morning Coffee Jam #5" on the LTD EX Black Metal

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! As guitarists, we're sometimes guilty of being close-minded about music. Is the best stuff always the fastest? The hardest to play? The biggest sonic assault? Here's the truth: there are no rules to making music. Think of it like food: you wouldn't want to eat the same meal day in, day out, for the rest of your life. Same goes with guitar playing, and expanding your styles will always add to your sonic palette in ways you might not ever have anticipated. All that having been said, here's Finnish guitarist and All Access member Late Honkola using his LTD EX Black Metal in a way you probably didn't expect, with some big reverb- and delay-drenched spacious open chords along with a simple but haunting melodic line... and that's it. Sometimes nothing else is needed. As a musician, you're here to provide a soundtrack for people's lives, and sometimes that sound is hard and driving and rhythmic, and other times the vibe is introspective and thought provoking. Check out more of Late via his Facebook.

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Darren Stroud

love this!!!