ESP LTD V-500, Schecter S1 Blackjack, Ibanez SR505, Ibanez JEM90 HAM, esp e-ii eclipse-7 blks, Gibson SG Standard 2016 Traditional, Flaxwood Custom, Ibanez UV777, LaHo Music MJ-Caster Raato I, LaHo Music Latecaster I, LaHo Music Sarvipää Raato, LaHo Music Harvester, and Ibanez Ep5
Gym, Jogging, Music, and Cycling
Fringe, X-Files, Alias, and 24
Scifi, Action, and Comedy
Metal, Rock, and hardcore-punk
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Kustom, digitech rp1000, Vocalist Live3, AKG, blackstar ht-5r, and Blackstar HT-60 Stage
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Steve Vai, Michael Amott, and Pekka Olkkonen
About me:

I'm a multi-instrumentalist and a producer from Lahti, Finland. I'm a guitarist-vocalist for several projects, like Late Night Harvesters, Ihmisen Kaunaudesta and Melancohol. 

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Nergal has been one of the most important influences to me as a vocalist, guitarist and a songwriter since their album Demigod. Great interview! ......MORE »

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For well over a decade, Nergal — the frontman and main creative force behind internationally-acclaimed Polish metal band Behemoth — has turned to ESP for the guitars that allow him, as he puts it, to “go onstage and unleash......MORE »

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Since soon after ESP started in 1975, there's been a global community of people who liked our guitars and basses. Obviously, in the Internet era, it's a lot easier for like-minded people to find each other based on their......MORE »

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