How to Get Featured in an ESP All Access Spotlight

How to Get Featured in an ESP All Access Spotlight

Each week since March 2017, we've featured members of our ESP All Access community to feature in video spotlights. Doing this allows our community members to gain some exposure to the massive online community of ESP players and fans. Each spotlight video is featured on the front page of the ESP site for a week, mentioned in our social posts, and gets added to our continually growing All Access Spotlight video collection. Anyone who plays an ESP, E-II, or LTD guitar or bass is welcome to participate. Here's how.

1. You need to be a registered member of the ESP Community. If you're not a member, click here to register. It's free.

2. Post a video playing any guitar or bass we make. Any ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD is welcome.

3. To post a video, you can either upload a video file directly to our site, or share a YouTube link. Doing this is easy.
a. Click on your member name at the top of the page.
b. Click "Post Content".
c. Click "Video".

d. On the video upload page, you can choose whether to upload a file or share a YouTube link. Fill out the description, making sure to at least include the song title (and original artist, if you're doing a cover). If your video is featured, we will repost your video, and will include more information about you and the guitar or bas you're playing. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT click the box that says "Show this only on my profile page," because if you do, we will likely never see it.

ESP staff members will be looking through the uploaded community member videos, and selecting videos that we feel are good for showcasing the guitars and basses we make. When we see/hear videos we like, we'll randomly select them and put them on the front page of the site. All Access member spotlights are usually updated each Friday.

This is very simple. We want videos that help show off our instruments... that's all. First and foremost, we want videos with excellent sound quality. A lot of videos are simple jams in bedrooms, playthroughs, covers, original music, and more. The quality of the video is way less important than the quality of the audio, and the impressiveness of what you choose to play. All styles and genres of music are welcome! We are most likely to select videos with great audio quality, killer tones, innovative/interesting chops, and the like. Give us your best stuff.

Let us know in the comments below, and then start uploading those videos. Then, keep your eye on the front page of the ESP site to see if the next spotlight is on you!

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Darrel S.

Thanks for the information. I use the ESP E-II and it has always been my dream out here in Red Deer to be featured on the EPS all-access spotlight show. Thanks a lot, I will be sharing a video link soon. Keep rocking ya'll! Totally agree with Tom on this one.

Tom Henry

I just LOVE the look of your guitars! I need to have one of the resin models with the clouds look like Jonathan Koh page on youtube featured>>>> GORGEOUS GUITAR!!!!!!!