Darren Stroud: Single-Coil Tones on the LTD EC-256

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! All Access member Darren Stroud, whose videos have graced this spotlight on many occasions, submitted this playthrough cover of "Things We Do" by the Native American blues rock band Indigenous to show off a key element of our guitars: most of them now have coil splitting on one or more pickups. What that allows you to do is get a much wider variety of tones on guitars like Darren's LTD EC-256 than you can with other humbucker-driven guitars. By pulling up on the volume or tone knob, you literally split the pickup so that only half of the humbucker is sending signal, offering a tone more reminiscent of a guitar with single-coil pickups. It's a great way to be versatile while performing or recording music. You can check out more of Darren at his band PowerTribe's web site.

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Darren Stroud

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