Late Honkola: "Lasisade" on the LTD Deluxe Arrow-1000

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! We always enjoy when we see All Access member Late Honkola post a new video, because no matter what kind of music he's doing, he always dials in super interesting tones. In this playthrough of his original tune "Lasisade", he's using his LTD Deluxe Arrow-1000 in Candy Apple Red Satin finish. This guitar features neck-thru-body construction, a Floyd Rose 1000SE bridge with stainless steel screws, precise Grover tuners, and a set of EMG 85 (neck) and EMG 81 (bridge) pickups. Late, who has a massive collection of ESP guitars, is based in Finland and plays in a bunch of bands; get to know him on his Facebook.

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Thank you guys! <3