Darren Stroud: "Under a Glass Moon" solo (cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Let's talk for a moment about how you improve as a guitar player. We all went through the process of starting out, maybe learning a few chords, and then perhaps a pentatonic scale. You get a few more chords down and suddenly you find that you are capable of performing simple songs, or jamming with some friends. What happens after that is what makes the difference between good musicians and great ones. Music is like a mountain that keep going up and up forever, and it's your choice as to how high you want to climb. Taking a look at All Access community member Darren Stroud's cover of John Petrucci's solo from Dream Theater's "Under a Glass Moon", you automatically know that Darren didn't choose to learn and play this because it was going to be easy. Instead, he did it because it would push him to try new techniques and become a better player simply by putting in the hard work needed to perform an iconic solo like this. And that is how you continue to climb the mountain... by challenging yourself to play things that seem above your skill level and doing it anyway. Also note that Darren is playing his LTD EC-256 here, proving once again that your budget is not the biggest limitation to becoming a great player. You can check out more of Darren and his band PowerTribe at their web site.

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Brilliant playing as always Darren!!!!

Darren Stroud