Darren Stroud: "La Villa Strangiato" (Cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! This isn't the first time we've showcased the playing of ESP All Access community member Darren Stroud, and it likely won't be the last. In this video submission, Darren is using his LTD EC-256 and and LTD B-55 bass to do all nine minutes and fifty-one seconds of Rush's "La Villa Strangiato", one of the most beloved and challenging prog rock instrumental masterpieces ever created. If the drums sound familiar, that's because Darren is playing along with the isolated tracks from the late and great Neil Peart. Note that while Darren's choices in instruments represent some of the most affordable in our offerings, he still gets great tones, and his performance skill is undeniably excellent. Darren plays in Colorado-based metal band PowerTribe... check out their web site for music and more.

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george p.


Darren Stroud

thanks george!!  


Awesome cover man . You cannot go wrong with ESP. Period. They are to me the best guitars on the planet. I have a EC 256 but yellow, and I changed the pickups to 81/85. Either way, you totally nailed covering Rush .

Darren Stroud

thanks!! I agree man, I have several ESPs now and they are all stellar guitars!!  


That was an amazing cover. I love Rush and the song choice. I know the real sound is all you but, that's a stock 256 ?

Darren Stroud

hey thanks!!  yes Its a stock EC-256.  I’m using a Boss SD-1 into a 50 watt plexi and this setup loves the stock pickups that come in the EC-256.  This is the 1st guitar I ever just pull out of the box and play.  I havent even had to get a setup.  

Frederick B.

Awesome!  Darren's back with another awesome video!  Great job Brotha. \m/  It shows how great ESP guitars are, because you can get that great sound from the EC-256 models.  Nice Rush job there. \m/

Darren Stroud

thanks Frederick!!   

Darren Stroud

thanks so much!!  Truly loving these guitars