ESP Eclipse 40th Anniversary Demo with Chris Cannella

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of ESP Guitars, and our ESP Custom Shop has created some of the most finely-crafted, highly-detailed guitars they've ever made to help commemorate the occasion. Made in extremely limited numbers, the ESP Eclipse 40th is a guitar for the most serious collectors and ESP aficionados. In this video, ESP's Chris Cannella gives you all the info on this remarkable instrument.


Very cool, what a beautiful guitar.


Great guitars.  I would love to own one.  I'm not a big fan of gold hardware (looks great new, but not so much with age) so I would lean toward the See Thru Black Sunburst model with the  black nickel hardware and EMG 57/66 metalworks pickups.  Sweet!

Richard R.

The  person before said it just right,   holy....!!!

Döme N.

Holy moly this is just.... holy....