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tx-ogre replied to the forum post Thunderbird Bass

Nice looking bass.......MORE »

tx-ogre replied to the forum post NGD Snakebyte Satin Black

Very nice.  Congrats and enjoy.......MORE »

tx-ogre replied to the forum post ESP battery compartment template may be what you’re looking for.  I’ve purchased a lot of Stew Mac products, but have not used this......MORE »

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Berlyn E.

tx-ogre replied to the forum post New Viper-1000

Congrats.  Very nice.  I have a 7 string Ltd guitar and Ltd bass with satin finishes.  I really like them.  I would like to someday own a guitar with the EverTune.......MORE »

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Harry Gandler

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Hey Kjetil, Talk about a blast from the past.  It’s been several years since you visited the San Antonio area, but I was curious to know how you and your family were doing during the strange times we all seem to be living in......MORE »
Marcos B.

Hey Craig, what's up?

Sorry disturbing you, but can u send a like my ESP Custom Model, please?


If u have a custom model send me and I'll be happy in like them too.



Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Greetings from the land of ICE. Thanks for the add. I'm just a bit slow with this things


Thanks.  I have a pic of the Les Paul Classic on here.  I will be taking new pics of my entire collection (family photo) and posting them soon.  I'll let you know when.

Nathan S.

Hey, how's it going? Looks like you have a pretty good collection of Gibsons, got any pics of your collection on here?


I posted the pics today.