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ESP Maverick, a vintage Harmony Archtone, and ESP 400 series J Bass
music, Guitar, and Bass
horror, action, thrillers, and B-movies
classical, jazz, metal, punk, indy, and blues
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Rivera, R3D Electronics, Noisemaker Effects, monster cables, orange amps & cabs, ampeg amps & cabs, Fender, and J. Rockett
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
I dont play favorites
About me:

I love it when people ask me to play their guitars. From the moment I caress its curves. When I run my fingers across its strings. To the point of closing my fist around its neck. It is satisfying. I know that when I leave they try to do what I have done.

Gene H.

Hi I'm gene harrisons daughter let me know if you get this I am trying to help my father locate a guitar he designed for ESP that was stolen from him in NYC. Thank you


Gene Harrison you say?

Give me a little more information. We'll see if I can assist you.

Aldo L.

Thanks for add me!

David G.

thanks bro great advise 

David G.

thanks for the friendship & you damn right I try to do what ya do this deaf guy is all about punk & metal. Metal is sweet pain building that endurance in 3-5 sets till i cramp up any tips for helping build my endurnce?


Just pick a solo and start very slowly then build up speed as you go. Use a metronome and stay in time! Don't speed up the tempo until and only until you can play it very well. Then bring the tempo up. Practice Practice Practice. Repeat.

Austin H.

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