James Hetfield Interview 2015

Along with our friends at EMG Pickups, we're happy to give you this in-depth interview with Metallica frontman and rock icon James Hetfield. In this interview, James discusses the details about his EMG Het Set pickups, and the history behind his relationship with ESP and his ESP signature guitars including the Truckster, the Iron Cross, and the Snakebyte.
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Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

Fucking awesome... Hetfield is the man


I'd give any thing to sit down with James for just time enough to drink a cup of coffee. Not to talk about Metallica or the music industry, but just about what's enjoyable in life.

David M.

Got to love James, awesome personality, awesome musician and his contributions for designs are just amazing.


3:14 Iron cross....fucking good guitar!


What an iconic guitar player :-)

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