Totally thrilled about the E-II RZK-I BURNT!!!!! Thank you ESP <3 - updated
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ESP RZK-II, ESP Eclipse CTM I VBK, LTD Iron Cross, LTD F-350, ESP Snakebyte, and ESP Vulture
Sports and Bodybuilding
Two and a half Men
Star Wars
Rammstein, Devildriver, Children of Bodom, and Metallica
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
ENGL Gigmaster 15, Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier, Korg Racktuner, Guitar Rig 5, Boss GE-7, and Boss NS-2
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
RIchard Z. Kruspe, Mike Spreitzer, and James Hetfield
About me:

I'm a fancy German and playing guitar for about 4 years now (with a longer break). I like to play Metal but I also like to play some Blues and Rock. Beside this, I do a lot of sports (Basketball, strength training, swimming etc.). At the moment, I work with a friend on a little project with hip-hop/electric influences.

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Heres a PDF chart i found for OFR.The Nut # stands for the R#.Width is for the neck widthand I think that alone can help determine which OFR is suited once you get a measurement of your guitar.......MORE »

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Totally thrilled about the E-II RZK-I BURNT!!!!! Thank you ESP <3 Comment

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