ESP E-II Arrow Demo by Masaki Murashita

A Japanese metal guitarist based in Los Angeles, Masaki Murashita gives you a demo of his main guitar, the ESP E-II Arrow. He even includes English subtitles so all of we non-Japanese speakers can know what he's saying... bonus! Like all ESP E-II guitars and basses, the E-II Arrow is made at the ESP factory in Japan.
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Oleksii  L.

Guitar cool...! 


Never was a pointy guitar guy but this one is sick! Who knows?

Sergey P.

Чумавейший инструмент!!!!!!!!!!! 


this guitar is great i want one but write on headstock ESP.

Chadrik S.

I agree. I don't like the "E-II" logo on the headstock. If I'm paying that kind of money for an ESP guitar, I want it to say so. If anything, it should say "ESP" in big letters with a smaller "E-II" after it.