H-1007, M-1000, and M-300
Play guitar, To Film, and To Record
Game of Thrones
The Lord of The Rings
Progressive, Metal, and Instrumental
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Marshall TSL100 and Marshall Lead 1960a
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Kiko Loureiro, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, and Andy James
About me:

My stage name comes from a play on words of all my combined names Santiago Rodriguez Almenara, I come from a family of coasts and islands of Spain but I grew up in Venezuela, to be more specific in the city of Maracay. I was born on November 15, 1985, but that's not important, the thing is I had lucky of growing up in a family that always listened good music at home and they are not musicians but neither I at that time, "The Beatles" and "Queen" every single day; then my brother Ricardo became drummer and it was since that time that started it all to make a long story short, I started playing keyboards at age 7, then drums at 12, in that moment of my life I joined the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Aragua State and belonged to the choir, singing as baritone and all this in order to study the instrument that I wanted to play, The chello, but a sudden change made me want to learn to play guitar (thanks to Mr. Richie Sambora or maybe to pick girls), and I was 15 when I started to play my first chords on guitar (Self learning) after a couple months I studied in some music schools to improve my skills on the six strings, years after I met some guys at the University I founded "Sexto Sonar", the rest I won't write it down here, it's too long (Hahaha!), but I promise you in the future a link for the long story and everything I've been through, deal? Who the hell am I and what do I do? I am not just a soloist artist, I am also the founder and guitarist of Sexto Sonar, a progressive metal band that was formed in late 2004, also manage a recording/rehearsal studio where I have made personal productions and for some customers, I am a fan to make many things on my own but fortunately I have many people around me that helps me a lot, like my current multi-task manager, my wife. On the other hand, love to film video clips even made website (like this one), take pictures is also one my hobbies, I just love to enjoy life that way, not just being on stage playing guitar and at studios recording them, I really like to make and to know the whole thing of this profession! Although doctors tell me to calm down a bit but the truth is that it is a little hard for me, I must always be doing something. Guys, It's enought of "About me" I let you a tabs below for more info I think I'm writing too much to be a website but if there's something you want to ask me you know where to find me thanks the internet, you're always welcome, I'm here because of you and many people that support me.

Steve J.

Digging the video.

Srod Almenara

Thanks, dude! 

William H.



Thanks for the add SROD!!! I really dig your music...... Keep up the good work.

Srod Almenara

Thanks! Please keep in touch! It's awesome to have new ESP friends!

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