LTD EC 1007 ET
weld and blacksmith
Godzilla, Tarantino, gangster, and live conserts
slayer, lamb of god, grave, whitesnake, sepultura, Def Leppard, Dokken, mastodon, Megadeth, mötley crüe, Devin Townsend, skid row, morbid angel, and alice in chains
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Boss, MXR, Line6 G50, Laney, Ironheart, and MOOER
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Joe Satriani, trey azagthoth, and Nuno Bettencort
About me:

I play guitar in Grave and various projects.

Mika Lagrèn

Mika Lagrèn

Mika Lagrèn

Just got home from a 38 days in a row tour around Europe.
My trusty Gus G got the tour treatment and the only thing I lost or broken was a volume knob (from slamming the body with my fist in the end of every show).
It survived and delivered 100% every night
That´s what I call a GOOD build ESP

Mika Lagrèn

I am the new guy in the ESP camp :

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