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esp eclipse iivb, ltd ec50blks, ltd ex50 snow white, Epiphone Strat Rodster Custom Shop, and ltd ec200 vws
blackjack, Texas hold'em, and craps
the walking dead, american pickers, that metal show, and nfl nhl mlb
B series, horror, science fiction, Clint Eastwood, Back to the future, and Tenacious D
Rock and roll, punk rock, and thrash metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
homemade 100w tube amp, samson wirless, Line 6 Spider III 150 212, marshall lead 1960a, mooer pedals, mesa express 5:50, and fender hot rod deville 212
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
Johnny Ramone, Happy Tom, Euroboy, Rune Rebelion, MoySkull, Alex Mendoza, Pedro Mendoza, Hugo Muñoz, Austin Rockett, Bobby Wilcox, Tony Slug, Jesús Caníbal, Hernán Descortés, Rat Blackbeard, Normand Luna, Milton UMP, Pugy UMP, Ari UMP, Enrique Dubost, and Tsunami Rules
About me:

Guitar in Nacional de la Muerte. The only guitar 'Non ESP/LTD' that I own is my first electric guitar (Epiphone strat). We couldn't be friends if you don't like RAMONES. ESP guitars, Ltd guitars, Seymour Duncan Pickups, SIT strings, stainless steel Alice picks, Mesa amps, Line 6, Marshall cabs, Samson wireless, Celestion speakers, EL34 valves, 6L6 tubes. Turbonegro. Turbojugend.

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Just got this Ltd EX50, surprisingly great performance for a low cost guitar, also looks super cool. The stock ESP Designed pick ups could better up, but still give nice tune and great gain/sustain.  ......MORE »
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esp ltd 406 te fm, a pleasure.. amazing telecaster from esp ltd. ......MORE »
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Not a "new" buy, but those old Korea Neck Thrus are simply amazing for the money. Picked up this 2003 H-301 for round about 300€ (incl. Hardshell Case and GigBag)....    I just love the Teardrop! Now i just need this one in......MORE »
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Here is my LTD mirage I assembled it from parts I bought on line this thing screams  ......MORE »
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