LTD enthusiasts.

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LTD enthusiasts.

any LTD AND ESP lovers unite so gear chat can begin or whatever!

Sylvain  F.

I purchased a bass b-55 for myself and a Ltd H-101fm for my wife we love it we can play every style of music, they are very versatile, great sound and fun to play with.  It’s been a year now that we have them 

Kevin Storm

Hi Guys, I did a demo of the amazing Arrow 1000 Violet Andromeda

John S.

I just purchased an LTD EC-1000FM. I thought the Fishman Fluence pickups were supposed to have 3 voices with 2 push/pull pots? Mine only has 2 voices with a push/pull in the tone pot. When I asked about this on the ESP Facebook page, ESP sent me a video showing an EC-1000 with two push/pull pots and 3 voice possibilities. Is there another model?

Benjamin Leveque

Hm odd

Cam M.

Help me bring my band mate to the light. Im trying to convert him from shecters

Benjamin Leveque

Hey. I started this group as an artist with ESPand lover of them . Schecter is owned by esp but plays well. Just get his hands on one


I purchased an LTD B-206SM back in July, and I absolutely love it. The bass sounds great and is a joy to play. Everytime I pick it up and plug in, I'm happy. Well done ESP! 

I'm planning on buying an LTD B-5E and B-205SM black satin real soon and can't wait to add them to my LTD family.

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