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any LTD AND ESP lovers unite so gear chat can begin or whatever!


I purchased an LTD B-206SM back in July, and I absolutely love it. The bass sounds great and is a joy to play. Everytime I pick it up and plug in, I'm happy. Well done ESP! 

I'm planning on buying an LTD B-5E and B-205SM black satin real soon and can't wait to add them to my LTD family.


Just ordered my EC-1000S Fluence from sweetwater but they are saying it's going to be delayed even longer. Got it almost 2 weeks ago and now they are saying another week or two. Not sure what's going on but I can't wait for it! Very excited about these fishman pickups.

Tony C.

ESP LTD are totally awesome I own a LTD B-205 SM have owned for a year and use it daily.  I am very happy with the bass looking at buying a least 2 or 3 more basses from ESP LTD.


Well done.  I wish I could play like that.

Aaron M.

https://youtu.be/1kTVWxWfllE One of my Ec1000s in action playing one of my instrumental songs



You are super good man! Sounded great.

Aaron M.

Thanks heaps mate!!

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