What Volbeat album do you most enjoy listening to?

vedant y.

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Jon Giacobbo

Beyond Hell / Above Heaven was the album that got me hooked on them. So it will always have a special place in my iTunes playlist.

Rod Ruvalcaba

Radio girl is still one of my favorite Volbeat songs. I just can't figure if Rob is the man for this band, not sure of it. I loved Thomas better, more punk rock feeling.

I don't mind Rob. He seems to be a nice guy. 

Rod Ruvalcaba

No no no ! Rob is great, no doubt !!! but I'm still not convinced with the last couple of albums. The style has changed, and this is not my favourite Volbeat, hate to admit...


Yeah, I started listening to Volbeat last year, so I have never really known the "older" Volbeat. I believe what makes them so great is Michaels' voice because it sounds unique. 

Aaron M.

Never listened to them


I've only heard "The Devils Bleeding Crown". Got the pre-order in on Amazon for the vinyl. I'm looking forward to it. It's gonna kick-ASS!!!!

How to you like the new album? I have heard the singles, it is definetly an album that I going to purchase soon. 

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