• waitin4winter

    TC Electronic Polytune Problem

    The TC Electronic Polytune seems to be one of the most highly regarded tuners today, which really puzzles me. I bought one right about the time they first came out, and this is the issue I had: the 6-strings-at-once mode didn't precisely match the one-string-at-a-time mode. E.g. I could tune my guitar using the 6-string mode. Then when I try each string individually, some of them needed to be tweaked slightly. And vice verse, after I tuned each string individually, the 6-string mode would show a couple strings to be slightly off.

    I returned the pedal because of this. I'm surprised today that many people, including professionals, hail this as one of the best tuner pedals out there. Did I just happen to get a dud? Or are people overlooking (knowingly or not) this tuning discrepancy?

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