New for 2021: The Lefties Are Coming

New for 2021: The Lefties Are Coming

You may not know that ESP already offers more variety in guitar models available for left-handed players than most other manufacturers. You can see all of our currently-available left-handed models using our Guitar and Bass Finder and choosing "left handed" in the Orientation selector. In addition to our great selection of current lefty models, the following instruments are part of our “New for 2021” collection and are being made in left-handed versions. While these new models aren’t yet in stock, we expect them to arrive at ESP dealers over the next few months, so keep in touch with them for specific availability information. The product links below take you to the current right-handed versions; all specs and information are the same for the lefties.

LTD ’87 Series
Eclipse ’87 Rainbow Crackle
Mirage Deluxe ’87 Rainbow Crackle

LTD Arrow Series
Arrow-1000 Candy Apple Red Satin
Arrow-NT Black Metal

LTD EC Series
EC-1000-FR Black Satin
EC-1000 Gold Andromeda
EC-1000T CTM Tobacco Sunburst Satin
EC-1001 Tiger Eye
EC Arctic Metal
EC-FR Black Metal

LTD EX Series
EX Black Metal

LTD H Series
H-1001 Violet Andromeda Satin

LTD M Series
M-HT Arctic Metal

LTD MH Series
MH-1000 EverTune Dark Brown Sunburst

LTD Phoenix Series
Phoenix-1004 Black
Phoenix Arctic Metal

LTD SN Series
SN-1 HT Black Blast
SN-200HT Dark Metallic Purple Satin

Viper Series
Viper-256 Dark Brown Sunburst

Signature Series
LTD Kirk Hammett 30th Anniversary KH-3 Spider
LTD Stephen Carpenter SC-20 3-Tone Burst

Edsson  B.

ESP please add to this beautiful collection, the models:


1) LTD JM-ll

2) LTD EC1000ET BB


They are the two best releases this year, and sadly they are not available for left-handers.

Jayden B.

Any e-ii models available for lefties? 

Eric L.

These look awesome! Any possibility that we’ll see the incredible TED-600T added to this list at any time?

michael f.

this is why i bought my first electric (yes prob a bit more than i needed) from y'all. an LTD EC 1000P, your selection was the best for #southpawstrummers like me. I tout your products every chance i get! 

Chris Rowe 85

Thank you for some lefty Arrows, hoping for a 7 someday too...1000's and Black Metal both would be awesome as a 7

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