Late Honkola: Cavernous Sounds on the LTD Deluxe EC-1000 EverTune BB

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! For the first All Access spotlight of 2023, let's check out someone who's been an outstanding contributor of great videos for the ESP community over a number of years: Finnish multi-instrumentalist and producer Late Honkola. In this video, he takes his newly-acquired LTD Deluxe EC-1000 EverTune BB into a parking garage for some equally spacious sounds. This is an outstanding guitar that features the acclaimed EverTune constant tension bridge to keep your guitar in perfect tune at all points on the fingerboard under almost all circumstances, but that's not all. It also has a set of EMG 60TW-R (neck) and EMG 81 (bridge) pickups, and a push-pull control to split the neck pickup. What's the "BB" all about? It stands for this guitar’s amazing-looking extra-thick metallic silver bold binding. You can get to know Late and his music more via his Facebook.

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