Dave Sevenstrings: "Master of Puppets" on the E-II Horizon FR-7

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Here's All Access member Dave Sevenstrings, who's previously submitted some seriously entertaining videos of his metal versions of classic video game soundtracks. This time, Dave gets a little more serious to pay tribute to a band that was highly influential on him, as they've been to so many of us. "With all the talk of "Master of Puppets" and Stranger Things, I did a full cover since I learned how to play guitar from classic Metallica," he says. "Back then I only dreamed of owning an ESP and now I have several." Dave is playing his ESP E-II Horizon FR-7, a guitar that features set-thru construction, 24 extra-jumbo frets, Gotoh locking tuners, and a set of direct-mount EMG 66-7H (neck) and EMG 57-7H (bridge) active pickups. Hats off to Dave for this cool playthrough cover, and a note to everyone: when more people discover metal through TV shows and other influential media, it's nothing but good for the entire community of metalheads. In other words, no gatekeeping! You can check out more of Dave's band Solus Ex Inferis at their Bandcamp.

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Rob Bedard

Kilker fucking job brother. One of my favs to play, but man you did awesome

Dave Sevenstrings

Thank you!