Victor Kovalchuk: Brutality on the LTD Deluxe MH-1000

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Here's Ukraine-based community member Victor Kovalchuk using his LTD Deluxe MH-1000 for some heavy riffing. Victor's model, the MH-1000HS, is pretty cool in that it offers a humbucker and single coil pickup configuration; perhaps we'll bring that one back someday. If you don't know where the MH Series comes from, it's simple; we combined elements of the M (Mirage) and H (Horizon) series, and the MH was born. You can check out more of Victor and his band Strike Each Other on their Bandcamp.

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Andres Castro.


Brendan Breakdown

So good!

Victor Kovalchuk


Darren Stroud

awesome guitar, sounds killer!