Black Echo Music: "Ceremony" (playthrough cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! As you may have seen if you've followed our weekly All Access spotlights for awhile... some of the same people seem to pop up multiple times. We're always looking for more musicians to feature who can show off the tones and playability of ESP guitars, and that's not going to be everyone who submits videos. That's why it's always cool when we see a brand new name in our community, and Black Echo Music just registered as an All Access member one week ago. But despite his noobie status, this playthrough cover of Deftones' "Ceremony" from the band's 2020 album Ohms is done with expertise, and the guitar is as good as can be: an ESP Stephen Carpenter Signature Series Stef B-8, straight from the ESP Custom Shop in Japan. As the name indicates, it's an 8-string, 27" baritone guitar designed for Stef's innovative composing and playing styles. You can check out more of Black Echo Music in his Melbourne, Australia-based post hardcore band caution:thieves via their Bandcamp.

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Darren Stroud

sounds awesome!!

Black Echo Music

Thanks dude!