Carlos M. Arzola: "Reunion" (cover)

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Here's a sort of unusual All Access spotlight, featuring community member Carlos M. Azola taking on the slippery fusion lines of Greg Howe's "Reunion" using his ESP E-II Mystique for the task. What makes this one pretty interesting -- besides Carlos' excellent playing -- is that he included the tab for the song along with the video so you can all play along if you can. Tablature is just another way of notating music. While more traditionally trained musicians tend to scoff at tab versus standard musical notation, we say that anything that helps you learn and grow and a guitar player is never a bad thing. There are plenty of outstanding, even virtuosic musicians out there who can't sight read music, but are excellent players and composers nonetheless. If tablature is what allows you to figure out how to play complex music and become a better musician, we support your efforts 100%! You can hear more of Carlos via his YouTube channel.

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Darren Stroud

way cool!!