Will Adler (Lamb of God) Unboxes his New ESP USA Eclipse

Lamb of God guitarist and ESP Signature artist Will Adler came to us awhile back with a set of personalization options for his next ESP USA Eclipse. In this video, you'll not only get to see Will's reaction during his first look at the guitar (and see him play it for the first time), but also see some background on how we make instruments at the ESP USA shop in Southern California. To create your own ESP USA, use our online configurator.

Jimmy S.

That top is SICK!! Seriously. Purple is my favorite color. Would love a top like that on an Arrow or a Snakebyte.

Frederick B.

F****** amazing guitar!  The paint job Spongebrick did is freakin Awesome.  A beautiful masterpiece! \m/

michael s.

Spongebrick goes alright!

Blu W.

I'm happy for you Will. What a beautiful and magnificent ESP guitar.



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