ESP USA Master Painter Ryan Dominguez

Known by many via his Instagram handle Spongebrick, ESP USA's master painter Ryan Dominguez brings a very unique set of skills to his job of hand-painting the superb guitars that come out of the ESP USA shop. Learn more about this talented craftsman, including his personal favorite finishes, the story behind the "Lynch Burst" finish, and much more. To create your own ESP USA guitar with thousands of combinations of finishes, woods and components, try the ESP USA Configurator today!

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Dann Feltrin

Ryan is a great guy and amazing artist... we've exchanged a few words on Instagram already and I hope one day I can afford a custom ESP to have him painting it for me... there's no way he would paint a LTD, right? (doesn't hurt to ask, right... heheh)

Sven M.

The Cosmos Series finish just blew me away, had to have it


Ian K.

Same here! I wish they showed more of it.


Mathieu D.

Its awesome to be able to kinda step in the shop with you and catch a glance at your everyday workspace.

 I really appreciate you giving us a tour of it all  and specially showing us the techniques that you use to make it all happen.

Keep up the amazing work brother !!!!    Thanks for sharing it with us

Louis Torres Photography

I love Ryan! He's literally a magician when it comes to the gorgeous art he creates! He's the MAN!!!

Marcelo B.

is there a new Kirk Hammett Arrow signature model on the way??

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