Darren Stroud: "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! It's a new year and we're finally past the madness of our "New for 2021" product introductions, which means we can get back on the spotlights of our wonderful ESP All Access community members and their music. Here's the familiar happy face of Colorado-based rocker Darren Stroud, who winds back the clock to 1979 for some classic hard rock with Van Halen's "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"... perhaps an appropriate song as we continue fighting our way past this pandemic and getting back to rocking together later this year. Darren is proving once again that you don't need to be rich to get great sounds and performances from our guitars; he's using his LTD EC-256FM in Vintage Natural finish, a guitar that delivers for any musician on a budget. You can check out more of Darren and his band PowerTribe at their web site

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Frederick B.


   You always come on making that EC-256 sound freakin awesome!  You always kick ass!  I have to agree with Andrew C.  You raise the bar with every video.  Keep up the awesomeness Brotha! \m/

Darren Stroud

thanks Frederick!!  

Andrew C.


Dude!  That was another great performance!  You get better every time I see you play.


Darren Stroud

thanks Andrew!!

Gert V.

Bought my first ltd ec256 cobalt bleu, can't wait to get it deliverd.

Darren Stroud

killer guitars man!!  Those blue ones look awesome!!

Darren Stroud

thanks guys!!  ESP guitars rock