Joe Kenney: Playing His New LTD TE-200

ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! No, the video isn't flipped. What you're seeing here is an actual left-handed guitarist for this week's ESP All Access spotlight. Community member Joe Kenney recently got an LTD TE-200 in See Thru Black Cherry, which is one of the many guitars we offer in left-handed versions. We sometimes get asked why we just can't offer every guitar and bass we make in lefty versions, and the reason is pretty simple. Making a lefty version of a guitar isn't just flipping the machines upside down; it's an entirely different model that we have to design and make from scratch. ESP actually offers more variety in left-handed guitars than just about any other guitar manufacturer, and we're happy to be a choice for the many great southpaw players of the world! Joe's TE-200 is a great guitar at an affordable price, and it features a mahogany body, a fast, thin U-shaped maple neck, and a set of ESP Designed LH-150 pickups, making the TE-200 a terrific all-around guitar for every gig. 

If you're doing cool music with your ESP, ESP E-II, or LTD guitar or bass, upload a video to the ESP site and we might select you as the next ESP All Access Community Member to feature on our front page where thousands of other players can check you out! Get the details here.

Brendan Breakdown

Those riffs!

Frederick B.

Sounds good for a lefty.  LOL, just messin with you Joe.  Great job!  \m/ Horns up!

Joe Kenney

for a lefty cheeky git! Hahaha thanks buddy! 

Joe Kenney

No the video wasnt flipped! I am a real lefty! Hahaha thanks guys