ESP ALL ACCESS COMMUNITY MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Question: what were you doing when you were 12 years old? While many of you were already playing guitar -- like we were, for example -- few of you had likely developed the skills of young ESP All Access community member Seb Braganza. We got to meet Seb at the NAMM Show in January of this year, and it was obvious that this young gentleman already has a very strong commitment to becoming the best guitar player he can be. Using his LTD George Lynch Signature Series GL-200MT, Seb does a playthrough cover of Megadeth's "Dystopia", and you can see and hear the amount of practice that this emerging talent from Philadelphia, PA has put into his performance. We see nothing but greatness on the horizon for Seb, who is already performing live doing Ozzy and Sabbath covers and more. Don't be surprised if one day in the future, young kids are playing a Seb Braganza signature model.

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Frederick B.

Awesome!  Keep up the hard work! \m/

Seb Braganza

Thanks sir!

ESP Guitars

Wow!  Very impressive.  

Trust the Process!!! 

Seb Braganza

Yes sir I will thank you so much ESP ! 

Nathan M.

Very cool. Great song and great playing! 

Seb Braganza

Thanks Nathan