Based on one of iconic guitarist George Lynch’s most recognized ESP Custom guitars, the LTD GL-200MT is an affordable version of the famous M-1 Tiger that Lynch used in Dokken and at many points in his storied career. It features a basswood body in yellow finish with a tiger stripe graphic, bolted to a maple neck with a 22-fret maple fingerboard. This guitar is powered by a single ESP Designed LH-150B humbucker in the bridge position, and includes a Floyd Rose Special bridge.

Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
22 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
Floyd Rose Special
Bridge PU
ESP Designed LH-150B
Electronics Layout
D'Addario XL120 (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
Ryan D.

Could you tell me what the clear coat is on this GL-200MT? Is it Polyurethane? or something else?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Ryan, Yes it is polyurethane.


Is the truss rod adjustment at the headstock on this guitar or at the butt of the neck requiring you to take the neck off to adjust it?

Todd B. ESP

Hi MrScary88, great question, I realize it's hard to tell from the photo! The truss rod is accessible under the nut at the headstock.

Control Panel

This comment is both a question about this guitar and a review of it.

QUESTION: This neck of this guitar is 43mm at the nut, so I'm wondering whether a neck with a nut width of 45mm (such as an ESP Kamikaze-1 neck or a 45mm nut Warmoth neck) would be compatible with this guitar. Thanks.

REVIEW: I have no major issues with this guitar other than the tuners. I imagine it's just like the Japanese/ESP version with respect to all the important features, but I did notice that the finish on the back of the neck (although nice and thin/matte) needs some sanding down, at least for me personally. Additionally, the frets are like speed bumps for the fingers, but that's not really a drawback (it's what the artist prefers since it makes for easier bending of strings, but is still something to consider before buying this guitar). You'll just have to play with a lighter touch if you want to play fast. That's about all I can think of to say.

Todd B. ESP

Hi  Control, thanks for your comments and review. You bring up some good points. Yes, if you wanted to put a neck on your guitar that has a 45mm nut width, that would work fine.  Good point about the frets especially for new players, you have to learn to play with a soft touch so you don't push the strings causing notes to go sharp. For the FR setup, it's always recommended to restring your guitar with your preferred string gauge and tuning to get it setup exactly how you want to use it.

Yuan H.

is LH-150B a low end pick up? It’s the best I have ever heard, but if there are better ones I would like to buy a Seymour Duncan or the Screaming Deamon.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yuan, Thanks for your question. The LH-150B is a less expensive pickup but that doesn't mean that it's "low end". You may be surprised to compare our pickup to an expensive pickup from a pickup manufacturer and may not find much difference. Of course it is natural to want to test or experiment with different pickups and their sounds, so we encourage you to find a different pickup if you want to try something different. A Screamin Demon pickup is a good pickup but please make sure you understand the characteristics of the pickup. It is certainly not a hot pickup. It is very clean sounding (George likes his sound from the guitar to be very clean). There are a variety of pickups out there that can be very clean to very hot and everything in between. You can also experiment with different magnets to give you more warm sounds (Alnico), etc. So basically whether a pickup is better or worse is all subjective but it's part of being a guitarist to get to know different pickups and which one works best for you.

Yuan H.

Hi, ESP. So happy to own this guitar, mine is the 2009 version made in China.


Sounds definitely fantastic,  I use it to play hair metal songs!


Could you please tell me what the heel width of this guitar is?

I would like to Change the guitar neck after the Yellow tiger that George Lynch used in 1985.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yuan, Glad to hear you like this guitar! The heel width should be around 57mm (this is the width at the last fret). It is always best to measure your model because the thicknesses can vary slightly in manufacturing guitars due to woodworking and painting tolerances.

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