Guitar Training with Cameron Stucky: Triplet Arpeggios

ESP artist Cameron Stucky has created a series of lessons that will help you learn some new techniques, or to tighten the skills you already have. You can watch the lesson and refer to the sheet music and tablature below. Lesson #3: Triplet Arpeggios.

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Michael S.

these lessons are awesome!

Paul M.

Cameron and ESP,

Really enjoying these short lessons!!



No problem glad you enjoy them!!

Francois V.

Nice exercise ! Makes me think of an exercise of Andy James, but you keep it in the scale of A minor and not using slides and pull offs instead of picking the notes between 2 arpeggios makes it easier - at least for me. Thanks !


Thanks so much, glad it’s helpful! I was trying to keep it more concise

Bjarni T.

Is it just me or do the tabs provided not match the video?


You’re right, the guitar I’m playing is in D standard but I put the tabs in standard tuning to make it more accessible. Feel free to move these arpeggios around though!

Whiteknuckle Deathgrip

This sounds like it came straight off 'Follow the reaper'


Ahah yes! In fact this exercise is based on a section of the song “Children of Bodom”