LTD M-1 Custom '87 Demo by Pat Heath

The LTD M-1 Custom ’87, based on the legendary original ESP M-1 model, offers neck-thru-body construction for fast access to the highest frets. Its comfortable alder body and three-piece extra thin U-shaped maple neck are designed for speed and smooth playability. The M-1 Custom ’87 features a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge without a recess route and a single Seymour Duncan Distortion TB-6 pickup with a push-pull control for coil splitting, and an EMG PA-2 boost switch for when you need that extra push of raw power. Available in Black, Dark Metallic Blue, and Candy Apple Red finishes. Check our UK-based guitarist Pat Heath's demo!

Daniel H.

Yes Pat! Awesome Track! Awesome Tone! 

James L.

Love the song!

I realize this is what it is, but I would have loved a reverse headstock.


I am hoping they do an '88 series next year!

Pat H.

Hi James, thanks re. the song! It's a great guitar, maybe there will be some more re-issues to come! Keep asking!

Alex Lundin

This guitar looks and sounds amazing! Also, I would love to see this dude do more of the product demos! 

Pat H.

Hi Alexander - thanks, more videos of the '87 on the way from me!