M-1 CUSTOM '87


M-1 CUSTOM '87

While ESP first got started in 1975 as a small repair shop in Tokyo, it was really toward the mid ‘80s when our guitars and basses grabbed the attention of players around the world. The LTD ’87 Series are faithful recreations of this set of instruments from ESP’s 1987 catalog. The LTD M-1 Custom ’87, based on the legendary original ESP M-1 model, offers neck-thru body construction for fast access to the highest frets. Its comfortable alder body and three-piece extra thin U-shaped maple neck are designed for speed and smooth playability. The M-1 Custom ’87 features a Floyd Rose 1000 bridge without a recess route and a single Seymour Duncan Distortion TB-6 pickup with a push-pull control for coil splitting, and an EMG PA-2 boost switch for when you need that extra push of raw power. 

Construction Neck-Thru
Scale 25.5"
Body Alder
Neck 3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Macassar Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 350mm
Finish Candy Apple Red
Nut Width 43mm
Nut Type Locking
Neck Contour Extra Thin U
Frets/Type 24 XJ
Hardware Color Chrome
Strap Button Standard
Tuners LTD
Bridge Floyd Rose 1000
Bridge PU Seymour Duncan Distortion
Electronics Passive
Electronics Layout Volume(Push/Pull)/EMG PA-2 Mini switch
Strings D'Addario XL120 (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042)
Case Included N
Mark N.

I saw these a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued. It ticked all my boxes. Once I decided on color, I ordered from Sweetwater. It's a wonderful guitar. Once I changed string gauge and set it up to my specs, it has performed flawlessly. Very comfortable to play, neck profile is just right, sounds great through my Splawn rig. I used it at my band's show last night and it was perfect, never gave me a problem. Stable tuning, great sustain. ESP hit a home run with this series. I will be getting more and replacing my "I" guitars with them. Well done ESP!

Bryce P.

What happened to the Left-Handed ones

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at customerservice@espguitars.com or https://www.espguitars.com/pages/support   

P.G. S.

EXACTLY.  I was all in on this model. They just evaporated. Sweetwater and GC didn't even know there where left handed versions of the '87 line. Kinda sad.

I ended up pulling the trigger on a the new lefty Kramer Nightswan. Talk about a throwback!

Glen H.

I've got one delivered this week. First impression: wow. I have several brands of guitars (Gibson, PRS, ESP) and owned a lot more. But this one, where have you been??? The neck feels just right, even more than my 2011 ESP Eclipse Standard, and that's a great guitar. I like the SD Distortion a lot (have it in some other guitars). The boost, I've set it just to pimp the split coil a little so it spanks a little more because I find a coil split a little weak sounding. Great job!

Carl N.

thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, glad you enjoy it!

Daniel H.

How is the action? I'm concerned if I can get the action low enough to where I like it since the floyd isn't recessed. The action seems kinda high in the pics and videos I have seen. My rule of thumb is if I can get it low enough to where the strings are touching the frets or close enough that it is not playable then it is good cuz I can raise it right to where I want it from basically a ground zero if you will. 

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at customerservice@espguitars.com or https://www.espguitars.com/pages/support 

Glen H.

I got one of these this week. the action is on the high side (not crazy high), there is still some room to lower the bridge, downside is that you can't do pull ups with the whammy if you lower the bridge. So as an answer, yes, the action can be lowered.

Matt P.

Just got mine, and it is great. Not kidding when I say mine is equally as good as an ESP USA M-1 and my EBMM Majesty. I would definitely buy another if I were to part with one of my other guitars. The Korean factory did a great job. It's too bad this is a limited series. 

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing! 

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