The official ESP hard shell form fit case. Fits all right handed M, H, and MH series guitar models, including the ESP Kirk Hammett and LTD KH series, the ESP Jeff Hanneman and LTD JH series, the ESP Rob Caggiano and LTD RC-600 series, the E-II EV-7, the LTD AJ-1, the LTD KS-7, LTD AW-7, the LTD BS-7, the LTD ZH-7, and the LTD Buz-7 models.

John V.

I have an LTD MH-417, is this the right case given the 7 strings? Thanks!

Carl N.

If your instrument is a standard scale length then yes, but if you have a baritone scale length you will need the extra long MH case for your instrument

Ian D

Hi, I have an LTD H-1007. Which case would be the right one?



Carl N.

This would be the right one

Richard S.

I have a LTD KH 202 which ESP case do I need?

Thank you so much

Carl N.

Hey Richard, this would be the case!

David H.

This looks correct for my guitar, but I want to make sure. I have a ESP LTD M-10, does this case have the right form for my guitar?

Carl N.

Hey David, yes this will fit all right handed M, H, and MH series guitar models.  Hope this helps!

David R.

I have a 2009 Screaming Skull LTD ..... which ESP case do I need?


Thank you....

Carl N.

Hey David, this is a bit of an oddly shaped instrument, unfortunately we no longer produce cases for this model and I would recommend a universal case for something like this.

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