Reba Meyers (Code Orange) Demos the LTD RM-600

Reba Meyers, guitarist and vocalist for the Grammy-nominated hardcore/metalcore band Code Orange, demonstrates her LTD Signature Series RM-600 guitar. The RM-600 is based on the asymmetrical double-cutaway ESP Viper shape, and features neck-thru-body construction, a mahogany body in a new Black Marble Satin finish, a 3-piece maple neck with Macassar ebony fingerboard, a reverse headstock based on the LTD M Series with special orange LTD logo, a single EMG 81 pickup (also with custom orange logo), and an EMG TKO kill switch. Code Orange's new album Underneath comes out March 13; preorder it today!


Kill switch sounds more iffy than sturdy in this demo... seems like it's bad enough that it's what prompted her to talk about its "sturdiness" in the first place

Sascha T.

Bought it last Year. No regrets. As expected high gain pick up.... shredding pur... I just love to play it on engl E530, engl E810 and engl 2×212 cab.

george p.

nu metal! refreshing!