esp horizon nt-2, esp eclipse, and ibanez prestige rga
weightlifting and swimming
hana bi
monuments, korn, fallujah, periphery, and the black dahlia murder
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
blackstar pedals, tc electronics flashback, twin tube mayhem, mesa boogie triple rectifier, orange cabs, evh 5150iii, ibanez tubescreamer ts9dx, mxr compressor, and boss ds1
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
greg howe, alan holdsworth, joe satrani, and ihsahn
About me:

Straight Edge multiinstrumentalist

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Looks like a schecter. Bring back that gorgeous teardrop headstock. Please!......MORE »
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Hi Marc, We currently make this model in Indonesia.......MORE »
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They need to make more or all Eclipses full thickness. It just ruins the single cut style to make it super ergonomic and sleek. Just leave the awesome brick guitars how they are. ......MORE »
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Why is this model set through? The other M-ii models were neck through.......MORE »
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Make this guy a signature already.......MORE »