ESP All Access Exclusive: 2024 New Guitar & Bass Preview

ESP All Access Exclusive: 2024 New Guitar & Bass Preview

For the first time since 2020, the year is kicking off with a NAMM Show making its return to its former January time frame, and ESP is able to launch 2024 with a killer batch of new guitars and basses. We hope you enjoy this preview, with the names and photos of our whole lineup of "New for 2024" LTD Series instruments below.

Need more info? We got you covered. On Friday January 19, we'll be adding all of these new guitars and basses to the ESP site with complete specifications and detailed information. On that same day at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm Pacific Time, we'll also be live-streaming our "ESP Presents 2024" video event, where you'll be able to check out demos of many of the guitars shown below. "ESP Presents 2024" will be viewable right on the front page of the ESP site, and we hope you'll take a little time to see and hear these great instruments doing what they do best!


Horizon Custom ‘87 (Black)

Horizon Custom ‘87 (Candy Apple Red)

Horizon Custom ‘87 (Pearl White)


Arrow-1000 (Dark Brown Sunburst Satin)

Arrow-1007 Baritone EverTune (Black)


EC-01FT (Black)

EC-01FT (Olympic White)

EC-01FT (Vintage Burst)

EC-1000 (Black)

EC-1000 (See Thru Black Cherry)

EC-1007 Baritone EverTune (Black)

EC-201FT (Black)

EC-201FT (See Thru Black Cherry)

EC-256 (Candy Apple Red Satin)

EC-256 (See Thru Black Cherry Sunburst)

EC-256 (Vintage Gold Satin)


EX-200 (Olympic White)


H3-1000FR (Metallic Silver)

M-1001 (Charcoal Metallic Satin)

M-1007 Baritone (Charcoal Burst Satin)

MH-1000 EverTune (Charcoal Burst)

MH-1000NT (Charcoal Burst)


FL-4 (Black Red Burst Satin) - Fred LeClercq (Kreator)

GH SV-200 (Black) - Gary Holt (Exodus)

GL Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle) - George Lynch

MK-EC FR (Black Satin) - Mille Petrozza (Kreator)

MLB-4 (Black Blast) - Mike Leon (Soulfly)

Royal Shiva (Silver Sunburst) - Bill Kelliher (Mastodon)

TED-EC (Black) - Ted Aguilar (Death Angel)

Volsung (Oxblood Satin) - Lars Frederiksen (Rancid)


PHOENIX-1001 (Tobacco Sunburst)


SN-1000 EverTune Koa (Natural Satin)

SN-1007HT Baritone (Fire Blast)

SN-1 HT Baritone (Black)


TL-6 (Charcoal Burst)


Viper-1000 (Vintage Black)

Viper-256 (Olympic White)


XJ-1 HT (Black Blast)

Shirley R.

I love the Arrow series!


Brian W.

Love my ESP basses. However ESP is moving in the wrong direction...two new basses? Neither is that attractive. No one cares about "artist " models. More options for B-series (your best series) for neck-thru with as many finishes as the guitars and a neck-thru fretless( instant buy!). Stop ignoring serious bass players!

david g.

you guys have ZERO seymour duncan wood back neck finished guitars. oil necks play so much smoother than anything else. make one please! a horizon!

gedova s.

I really want both the black and cherry red ones; I'm just wondering if they'll be made in Korea and whether they'll be set through or neck through.

Beto Sabbath

You should do a Floyd Rose Viper


I hope they do that cos there's no sg style guitars with Floyds on them

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