Nergal (Behemoth) on the LTD Signature Series NS-6

Nergal, the founder and frontman of famed Polish metal band Behemoth, tells you his thoughts on the new LTD NS-6, his latest Signature Series guitar. Based on the Stream body shape, the NS-6 offers a range of tones with a pair of Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker pickups. Use the push-pull tone pot to access two different voicings of the pickups… down for “Modern Active” or up for “Modern Passive Attack”. See all "New for 2020" guitars and basses here. Video credit: Volca Media (ig: @ volca.mediauk, TW volcamediauk).

Joel C.

What an amazing looking guitar, love the satin black, who do I need to martyr to get me one of those!

Ozell M.

I don't want more guitars,,,,I need this guitar!!!!

Radu V.

got Nergal 6, and want this sooo baaaaaad! this new minimalistic and sober style.... it just sings! (or it screams hell, suiting your own style)


Adam Y.

Great guy/great guitar!