LTD Deluxe SN-1000HT Demo by Cameron Stucky

Guitarist Cameron Stucky demonstrates the LTD Deluxe SN-1000HT in Purple Blast finish, part of our "New for 2020" collection. Based on the traditional look of ESP’s Snapper guitar shape, the SN-1000HT adds the high-performance tools needed for contemporary music. It has a swamp ash body at 25.5” scale, with a roasted maple neck and maple fingerboard with stainless steel frets that include scalloping from #17-24. The SN-1000HT offers a dual humbucker pickup configuration, employing a Seymour Duncan Sentient in the neck and a high-output Pegasus in the bridge, with push-pull control to split the pickups. It also includes a Hipshot fixed hardtail bridge. More info on all "New for 2020" models here.

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Michael S.

so much want!


Musicians friend has them! Just pre-order mine!