91 esp Horizon purchase new in 91, 1992 ESP M1 Custom Paint, 1996 ESP LTD H-200 Korean, 1999 ESP LTD H-300 Korean, 2013 ESP LTD EC-256 Cherry Sunburst, 1984 Washburn G-35K Rare development model, 1983 Aria Pro Zebra Stripe Inazuma V, 1984 Aria Pro Inazuma V Single Humbucker, 1985 Electra Phoenix X-199 Their top of line model, 1982 Westone Thinder II Active/Passive, and Many more Japan made guitars
Guitars, Fishing, and Model building
Classic TV and Classic Horror
Classic Horror 1920s to 1980s
1980/90s Thrash and Classic Metal
Gear (Amps, Pedals, etc):
Johnson 2x12 250 watt combo, Randall RG-80, and Spyder IV
Favorite Guitar/Bass Player:
George Lynch
About me:

ESP Player since the late 80s. My main focus as far as music is Metal from the mid 80s to 1990s

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91horizon posted the forum post Which recording software?

So I'm looking to buy a new recording software. I currently use a free one that doesn't support plugins. I am a guitarist that's looking to record some of my music more for friends and personal use. I don't need anything......MORE »

91horizon replied to the forum post just... wow

awesome guitar but they are way overpriced on all their stuff.  ......MORE »

91horizon replied to the forum post Indonesian H3-1000?!?!

As far as the 1990s I'm pretty sure they were all done in Japan. Now the newer stuff I can't say. Nothing surprises me now after being around this business for 40 or so years lol. I know BC Rich did it for years. Guitars were......MORE »

91horizon replied to the forum post Indonesian H3-1000?!?!

Actually I did just pay $1200 for a new George Lynch Kamikaze IV and it's Korean made so that's not that much less than an E-II series lol.......MORE »

91horizon replied to the forum post Indonesian H3-1000?!?!

No I wouldn't pay that much for a Korean made but they are excellent guitars. My original question was about the ltd h3 1000 series being made in Indonesia rather than Korea......MORE »